Twin Willow Gardens Wedding in Snohomish | Jaimee and Nic

Twin Willow Gardens Wedding | Wedding Wise Seattle Planning

Jaimee and Nic contacted me less than 3 months before their wedding after attending another wedding I coordinated. 

From the moment we met, I knew we were destined to work together! Jaimee was a bright ray of sunshine with a smile that lit up the room and Nic clearly only had adoring eyes for his bride to be. At the end of our consultation, they decided to hire me on the spot! A first for me!

Jaimiee and Nic's wedding was so much fun. Twin Willow Gardens was the perfect setting for their garden wedding! Every detail was carefully thought out and friends and family came together to make the day unforgettable.

Wedding Highlights

The officiant, Sam, was also the officiant for Jaimee's mother and father's wedding so it was extremely special to also have him perform the ceremony for Jaimee and Nic!

Jaimee and her dad entered the ceremony from a different way that the rest of the wedding party. She said it was a pretty  special moment to spend with just her dad. They felt so sneaky because no one expected them to enter from there!

They had the cutest ringbearer who took his job very seriously! He liked to think of himself as 'ring security' with his sunglasses and bulletproof ring box. ;)

One of Jaimee's favorite moments was having her first dance with Nic on the raised garden at Twin Willow Gardens. Guests stood around the raised garden and Jaimee and Nic felt like they were the only ones in the world in that special moment. 

Here is a beautiful video shot and edited by Eric Miller.

Client Testimonial

Just a few days after the wedding, Jaimee left the sweetest review for us on Yelp!

My husband and I got married on Friday, August 28th, 2015!
When we started the wedding planning process, we hadn't looked into a wedding planner. We felt we could take care of everything ourselves. As the months passed by and our wedding drew closer we began feeling very overwhelmed and stressed with all the small details that were very important to making the day run smoothly (wedding schedule, making sure all the vendors know where to be when, how to get all the décor to and from the venue, etc.) Shortly after we started feeling this way we went to a friends wedding and noticed how completely relaxed the bride and groom were (which you don't see too often). After talking with the bride after her wedding she informed me she had hired Julia with Wedding Wise to be her wedding planner and it was the best decision she had made. After this conversation, my husband and I quickly scheduled an appointment with Julia. We were nothing but amazed from the second we met her. She was very professional, warm, and genuinely happy to be there meeting with us. She was interested in getting to know us as a couple and what we wanted our wedding to look like, how we wanted to feel during our wedding day, how we wanted our guests to feel, the list goes on. We were so impressed we hired her on the spot. The next 3 months of planning with Julia were just as positive of an experience. She was knowledgeable, helpful, flexible and friendly. She made all our requests seem like no problem!
The wedding rehearsal was ran perfectly. We had a very large wedding party (and all very chatty :)) Julia was able to keep all their attention and get them to follow all the instructions while still allowing us to have fun and enjoy the process.
The day of the wedding was absolutely PERFECT!!!! My husband and I had the best day ever and enjoyed every second of it knowing that Julia was handling anything that may have come up. Everything ran smoothly and was right on time! We were completely stress free and able to enjoy every second with each other, our families and friends. Julia had a smile on her face the whole day and always stayed near us incase we needed anything. It's obvious Julia loves what she does and genuinely cares about the couples and families that she works with.
Hiring Julia was definitely the best decision we made! We wouldn't change a single thing about our wedding day! Thank you for everything Julia!!!!!!

- Jaimee, 2015 Wedding Wise Bride

Congratulations to Jaimee and Nic! We wish them a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and overflowing love.

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