You might be our bride if...

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If you've landed on this blog post, you might be curious if Wedding Wise is a good match for you and your wedding. We are equally curious if you are the perfect fit for us!

Not only are you interviewing us during the initial consultation, but WE are interviewing YOU to see if you are totally a Wedding Wise bride or groom! Translation...if we are all going to enjoy working together and be the best team ever (think Batman and Robin....if they were a wedding planning powerhouse!) so we can plan and design the perfect wedding experience for you!

So, without further adieu...

You might be our bride if... believe marriage is forever. think your fiance is the hottest person in the world. love a good bottle of wine or a deliciously-made fruity cocktail! regularly pop open a bottle of champagne on a random weeknight for no particular reason. prefer experiences over "things." have a classic, sophisticated style with a modern flare. love to travel and are always dreaming of your next big trip or weekend getaway! strongly believe popcorn should be its own food group. are close with your family and they are a high priority in your life. believe in God and try to live by His example. could drink tea all day, every day. feel like the queen of the world when you put on your favorite pair of heels (which maybe you wear at least once a week?!) are a big fan of check lists. You have probably already printed off a wedding to-do list and have a wedding binder with color coded tabs by vendor category! (I love you already!) like being outside especially on a hot Seattle summer day! agree that a wedding is not only a party, but a chance to show your guests how much they mean to you as well as who you are as a couple with unique aspects that are totally the two of you.

....iPhone over android! love dressing up and looking fancy, but you also love coming home and slipping into a big sweatshirt and comfy pants. believe in authenticity and grace over perfection. think the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. want a wedding planning process that is easy as pie, fun, and organized. dream of a wedding that is stress-free and beautiful where you can enjoy every minute while someone else takes care of the details!


If I've described you in any of these thoughts, I think we'd have a lot of fun together planning your wedding! Don't forget to contact me today so we can get your complimentary consultation on the calendar. :)


Julia Seattle Wedding Planner