Seating Chart Advice | Featured on!


Hello, lovely ladies and gents! We are taking a break from our Pantone Greenery blog series to share some recent news. Our seating chart advice was featured on this week! National press opportunities like this come up every so often and it’s so rewarding to see my professional advice featured in such a public way.

This particular article is about the mistakes couples make when planning their seating chart. As a wedding planner, I’ve truly seen it all when it comes to seating charts and escort cards. From perfectly organized individual names sorted alphabetically (my fav!), to missing names or table numbers….seating assignments for guests always seems to be a mixed bag that stresses out my clients at the last minute.

I’m saving a comprehensive list of my seating chart advice for another blog post. (Is it weird that I'm looking forward to writing it? I’m such a blogging and wedding nerd!)

I shared one very important piece of seating chart advice with which they featured in an article this week! It covers your dear old gram and gramps and where they should NOT be seated. Check out the screenshots from the article below!

Seating Chart Feature.JPG

Seating Chart Mistake #1

During at least 3 of our weddings every year, an older guest will approach me and ask me if the DJ can turn down the music, or they will tell the DJ specifically and skip me altogether! Of course, that can kill the vibe for everyone else.

So, when considering the layout of your tables and seating for guests, make sure to be conscious of where the DJ and dance floor are and put some distance between them and your older guests. Everyone will be much happier!

Be sure to check out the full article on with 7 seating chart mistakes to avoid, featuring advice from some awesome wedding industry pros!