A Practical Guide to Personalizing your Wedding

Practical Guide to Personalizing Your Wedding | Seattle Wedding Planner | Wedding Wise

What makes weddings so unbelievably beautiful and memorable is how each one is so unique and different. Personalized touches to your wedding adds a little spark of individuality and can help your guests get to know you, your partner and your collective journey to your big day.

Personalization does not have to be a hassle or expensive. Finding small ways to incorporate these details can help add a statement to your wedding that guests remember and talk about for days! To help give you perspective, I’ve included real life examples of my own wedding planning because, WHY NOT? I went through the same questions and struggles as any bride trying to nail down what was important to me, my husband, my family and my guests.

To help guide you on this wondrous journey of wedding planning, we put together this Practical Guide to Personalizing Your Wedding. (Thanks to Alante Photography for all the gorgeous photos from my wedding!)

Think of a Theme

When we say think of a theme, we mean think of something (anything!) that can help your guests understand you, your wedding party and your journey. To be honest, picking a theme for your wedding can actually help give you direction when planning out your wedding. A wedding theme can range from rustic chic to an all out circus extravaganza! It should be whatever you want it to be!

When I began planning my own wedding, I knew my theme had to be a multicultural fusion wedding.  My husband and I come from two very different backgrounds - he is German and I am Indian. Both cultures played important roles in our upbringings and the people we are today. I wanted to celebrate these two very different cultures coming together in such a joyous and celebratory moment. In order for my guests to understand this, the theme of my wedding was #indiameetsgermany. I added this hashtag to my save the dates and left little hints throughout my wedding which we will see in some of the next fabulous tips;)

Choose Table Names
instead of Table Numbers

I love this tip. Most weddings have some way of numbering off tables for guests to sit at during the reception. Why not change the number to something a bit more personalized for your wedding? If you are having a quintessential Pacific North West wedding, why not name each of your dinner tables after a Washington icon so guests can get an idea of places to visit while they are in town (my BFF did this for her wedding and it fit perfectly!). As for my wedding and my #indiameetsgermany theme, I chose words that represent the characteristics important in a marriage (such as trust, joy, laughter) and had them written in German at each of the tables. During dinner my guests could practice their German and walk away from the night with a new German word in their vocabulary.  

Guest Gifts

Should you decide to give gifts to your guests at the end of the night, we recommend personalizing these! Instead of a box of chocolates, add a label with your wedding date and a picture. Give box of chocolates from your favorite chocolatier and leave a blurb with a story on why it is your favorite place or which chocolate is your favorite. Little personal touches like these can go a long way. My husband and I kept with our theme and gave our guests cookies that looked like us – I wore a traditional Indian Sari and my husband sported a traditional German Alpine hat.


How you choose your entertainment can also add a personal touch to your wedding. Whether it be the rock band that you're in to the magic show you saw together on your first date, do what you can to help add personal touches to entertain your guests! If you don’t have the budget for entertainment outside the DJ – don’t you fret! Personalize the playlist with your DJ and have him make a few announcements on the significance of any particular song (first kiss, favorite band etc). Met in college?  Maybe pass out fun little alma mater trinkets during the dancing reception to keep the personal touches going! Have fun with it! Since my husband and I had a lot of non-Indian guests, we had a traditional Punjabi dance group take the stage!

Reminiscing on my wedding day gets me all tickled pink:) Hopefully my stories have helped inspire you to personalize your own wedding and make it everything you ever dreamed of!

Don’t forget that wedding planners have years of experience in coordinating and planning all the details/unforeseeable risks and can be a huge asset to your big day! If you have any questions on how we can help, feel free to contact us today!

Happy Planning!


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