My Surprising Discovery at the Bottom of a Teacup

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Have you ever had that moment when you realize something is right in front of your face basically yelling, "HI HELLO, do you see me? Do you recognize me?" But you have been blindly going about your life. Because you aren't looking for this thing, it might as well not even be there. Then one day you finally see it and wonder why it took you so long to recognize something so obvious. So in-your-face.

Sooo yeaaa....I'm raising my hand over here! If you'd asked me what I'm passionate about a few weeks ago I would have said Jesus, family, wedding planning, eating paleo, traveling and our home. Now, the list has grown to include something that should have been obvious to me....but wasn't.

Many people absolutely loathe writing and blogging. It's a chore that they'd rather not do ever, if they didn't have to. I joke that I like writing, but in all honesty I really do. I love writing about personal life, wedding tips, my couples, travels, health and all kinds of things! I'm also a self-admitted grammar nazi. Spelling mistakes make me cringe and poorly written sentences make me sad. There, Their and They're have 3 completely different meanings, my friends! But I digress...

While working on a blog post recently and finished my second cup of tea (because I can't have just one cup), a realization hit me out of nowhere. I've been a writer my entire life.

In elementary school I was constantly writing short stories or starting mystery books that were never finished (because let's be real, an 8-year old can't write a mystery novels!). In high school I wrote poetry and journaled. In college I authored blog posts on health and fitness topics for an SEO consulting firm. I started a blog to share my adventures in the paleo diet after college. And now with Wedding Wise I enjoy sharing wedding tips, real weddings and the occasional personal post. I had an ah-ha moment that seemed random and out of the blue, but after I thought about it more, it really wasn't unexpected at all.

Wedding Wise, Seattle Wedding Planner | Personal post | New passions!

I am passionate about writing!

I love taking a messy swirl of thoughts from my head and organizing them into an understandable format and flow. I'm energized by choosing or creating the best images to illustrate my point and the feeling or message I'm trying to convey. I find it exciting to brainstorm what I'm going to write next, not stressful or paralyzing.

Writing is a creative outlet that I've always explored, but never thought of it as something that I was passionate about until recently.

So what does all of this mean?

You know....I have no idea! I do know that I have no plans to become an author. I was born to be a wedding planner and that's what you'll find me doing for the foreseeable future!

But...perhaps there's a way to grow this passion and share it with others in a way that compliments the planner side of me.

I'm really excited to see where this journey takes me and how I can incorporate more writing into my business or perhaps even share my skills with other creative entrepreneurs who need help with content.

Have you ever had a passion sneak up in you? I'd love to hear about it!

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