Julia's Favorite Things | 2016 Fall Edition


With the change in weather, lady Seattleites are pulling out their leggings and North Face jackets and swarming to Starbucks to get their first Pumpkin Spice Lattes of the season. Did I just describe you this past weekend? :D No shame in loving PSLs and PNW fall gear! As a tribute to the new season, I put together a short list of some of my favorite things. right now.

(I've never written a post like this before, but it seemed like fun so here it goes!) 


Storyville Coffee Company

If you are looking for a delicious drink from a local small business, look no further than Storyville Coffee Company! With locations in Queen Anne and two in downtown Seattle, every Seattleite needs to make Storyville Coffee a mandatory stop! The coffee shop has unconventional snacks like goat cheese pastries and sea salt caramel rolls for breakfast or a mid-day pick-me-up and scrumptious soft pretzels and tomato soup for the lunch rush. My favorite drink by far is the tea latte with almond milk (since I'm a tea lover at heart!). There's no better way to warm your soul on a crisp fall afternoon!


Cozy Robes

I LOVE robes. Long robes, short robes, fuzzy robes, silky robes. Give me one of every kind! They are the perfect way to stay cozy at home on days when you have no plans of leaving the house, either relaxing at home or working on projects. My newest robe (and favorite!) was a gift from my best friend. I'm obsessed!



If you love deals, cute clothes and online shopping, I'm happy to introduce you to Jane.com! This website has great deals on clothing and accessories for women and children and home decor. I could seriously spend all my money on this site! My latest finds include a dusty pink cardigan, a mustard knit scarf, layering necklaces and adorable olive green lace up booties. You definitely need to check out Jane today. You can thank me later!


Floppy Hats

This fall, I'm obsessed with my new tan floppy hat from Forever 21. If you want to invest in a hat, choose a color that can go with anything in your wardrobe. I love this tan color because it can go with blacks or browns. Yay! 



I'm a sucker for a suspenseful, fast moving crime drama with lots of plot twists. Blindspot is just that and more! In it's second season on NBC, Blindspot follows the story of Jane Doe, who woke up in Times Square, covered in tattoos, with no recollection of how she got there nor how she got these seemingly random tattoos. After the FBI picked her up and cataloged her many tattoos, they realize that her tattoos are the key to solving crimes and preventing some before they even occur. Oh, and did I mention that Jane finds out she has special forces training and can basically kick anyone's butt who gets in her way? Go girl! The second season has just started and I have so many questions that I hope are answered this season! Such a good show, I highly recommend it!


Pam's Kitchen

You'd never guess it, but I'm part Trinidadian (or Trini for short, as I found out this year!). One of my couples this year introduced me to Pam's Kitchen, a Caribbean and heavily Trini-influenced restaurant in Wallingford. AMAZING food and to-die-for drinks. My husband and I have been there twice in the last month! If you are looking to escape  rainy Seattle and day-dream of warmer weather and island life, head to Pam's Kitchen for a fruity drink, paratha roti (soft flat bread) and pelau (chicken and rice combo seasoned to perfection), or choose from a number of other delicacies from the region.

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite things this fall! I'd love to know what your favorites are! Please share in a comment below. :)