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I'm so very excited to introduce the couple that is closing out our wedding season in October, Dianne and Jeff! Dianne and I bonded instantly over our love of spreadsheets, White House Black Market, pastels, and planning literally everything. ;) If anyone embodies a true Wedding Wise bride, it's this little lady! 

Their engagement photos by Courtney Bowlden Photography are absolutely stunning and perfectly captured who they are as a couple and their sweet love.

Get to know Dianne and Jeff through this little interview about their love story and a few fun facts along the way.


Tell us a little about yourselves (who you are, what you like, etc.)!
In so many ways, we are almost complete opposites – Dianne is classic with an edge; Jeff is urban with rugged charm. Dianne plans out everything (literally, everything); Jeff is more spontaneous. Despite these differences, we are both driven, disciplined individuals who constantly challenge and motivate ourselves and each other to be better. In that regard, together we are so happy and balanced. As cliché as it may sound, we really do complete each other. If there is such a thing as soul mates, we’ve found that in each other.

How did you meet?
We were childhood sweethearts - all the way back to the age of 5! Jeff was all boy – sports, outdoors, pure energy and sweat. Dianne was all girl – ballet, piano, dresses, and school. First hands held, first crush, first puppy love. But we were always too shy to admit that we liked each other! It wasn’t until we reconnected in New York after 12 years of not seeing/talking to each other that we realized something was still there.

Tell us your proposal story!
Jeff proposed in the mountains on his birthday. The typical selfless person that he is – on a day that was supposed to be all about him he turned into the biggest surprise for Dianne.

What’s your favorite date activity? 
We love going on all day explore-dates. Typically we make breakfast at home in, then head out and walk all over New York City to explore, people watch and try new foods/restaurants. We like to pick a theme for the day and explore places related to that theme. For example, shortly after watching the Avengers movie, we decided to check out all the comic book stores in New York City. 7 hours later, we had hit up almost 4 different and iconic comic book stores – we walked to each one and stopped into cool coffee shops, restaurants and bars along the way. It’s our favorite way to explore new things together! Jeff was able to turn Dianne into a bit of an outdoor girl: he taught her how to ride a bike, fly a kite, and go on hikes…maybe next we’ll tackle camping (true camping, not glamping.)

What’s your style as a couple? (i.e. how would you describe yourself as a couple, what you both love, etc.)
We’re very laid back and welcoming – we love hosting dinners and game nights and hang outs at our place. We love laughing, being silly, exploring and trying new things. For us, the most important thing is trying new experiences and making new memories together. Because of that adventurous spirit, we find ourselves constantly meeting new people and making new friends.

What is your favorite part of the planning process?
Making decisions together. We realized that we thought a lot alike throughout the planning process. It was awesome to come to the same conclusions and decisions separately, only to find out later that we had arrived at the same decision. 

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?
Truly enjoy your engagement – use that time to have all the conversations you have never had or were afraid to have, open up to each other even more and think of this as a “renewed” dating period. Be and live in the moment! A lot of people get caught up with having the perfect wedding that they forget this is one day out of the rest of their lives together. Continue working on your foundation as a couple and the rest of your journey will be that much more fun. 

Favorite sweet treat?
Ice cream!
For Jeff :: butter pecan
For Dianne :: rocky road. And Dianne LOVES s’mores too.

Favorite drink?
Jeff is sucker for Coca Cola; guaranteed that Dianne will have at least 2-3 different drinks by her plate during any meal (water & coffee, water & iced tea, water & a cocktail)

All-time favorite meal?
Steak! Our rule is – no meat, no eat.

Favorite TV show?
FRIENDS & Big Bang Theory

Messy or organized?
Jeff :: somewhat messy
Dianne :: hyper organized

Any current (or ongoing) obsessions? Wedding-related or otherwise!
Dianne :: ever obsessed with my Kate Spade book clutches and shoes!!
Jeff :: at the moment, his car!

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?
Jeff :: seeing Dianne in her wedding dress
Dianne :: seeing Jeff for the first time at the church and walking towards him

Describe your fiancé in 3 adjectives.
Jeff describing Dianne :: driven, gorgeous, hilarious
Dianne describing Jeff ::selfless, funny, hard working

What is your dream honeymoon destination?
Japan – we want to eat as much sushi and drink as much sake as we can!!

I"m thrilled to be working with Dianne and Jeff to design a wedding that tells their unique love story!


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