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The couple gracing the Wedding Wise blog today is full of fun, class and style. When Miss Bonnie told me that she loves checklists and organizing, and Darin is an accountant (hello, spreadsheets and budgets!) I knew this was a planner-client match made in heaven!

We've started the planning process for their May wedding at Melrose Market Studios next year and oh my goodness, I'm already so excited to see everything come together! Their vendor team is top notch and the design we are dreaming up together is going to be stunning in the space.

Check out these beautiful shots of this oh so photogenic couple (I mean, come on! Leave some good looks for the rest of us!)  and get to know them a bit better through our engagement interview!

 P.S. Thanks to Lloyd Photographers for sharing these awesome photos!

Tell us a little about yourselves individually!

We are both Seattle born and raised and went to Chapman University in Southern California. We both love spending time with our family and friends more than anything! Darin is a basketball and football fan and former college basketball player. Darin has his CPA and works in accounting. He loves playing poker & is a whiskey enthusiast. Bonnie works in project management, which has a lot of the same skills needed as wedding planning! She loves to read, shop, and see movies. Give her a cheese plate and a glass of wine and you’ll be her new best friend!

How did you meet?

We grew up about 15 minutes from each other in the Seattle area our whole lives, but met when a mutual friend introduced us at college in Southern California. We clicked instantly and have always been so comfortable with each other. We dated briefly and then decided to be just friends. We remained best friends and talked almost every day. We were always so special to each other and fast forward a year and a half later, we got back together. The wait was definitely worth it & the rest is history! We’ve been so happy ever since and love each other more every day.

Tell us your proposal story!

Darin proposed the day after Christmas in 2015. He had an entire day planned out for us including brunch, getting nails done, margaritas, having our apartment decked out in Christmas lights, dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants under Pike Place Market, and finally bringing me up to the top of the Columbia Tower (the tallest building in Seattle). Darin took off my blindfold on the 73rd floor with Christmas lights surrounding us. He had rented out the viewing floor so we had it all to ourselves. He proposed, I said yes of course and we cried, kissed and celebrated! It was so amazing and we will remember it forever.

What’s your favorite date activity?

Our favorite date activity is trying a new, fun restaurant and bar. We love a great meal and cocktails! This is a part of the reason why we live on Capitol Hill in Seattle, always a new restaurant in walking distance!

What’s your style as a couple? 

Both of us love the little things in life. We are perfectly content just spending time with each other and just genuinely enjoy the other person’s company. We are best friends, so the simple things in life are the sweetest to us! We love doing nice things for each other and taking care of the other person brings us joy. We are laid back and genuine. We care immensely about our family and friends. We also like the finer things in life and do splurge every now and then! Most importantly, if we have each other, we are happy.

What is your favorite part of the planning process?

Our favorite parts of the process have been working on something (such as our website and save the dates so far) and then seeing it all come together and loving the final product! We also have received so much support and joy from our loved ones, it is amazing having an occasion that brings everyone together in the happiest way.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

Darin’s advice :: start saving ;)
Bonnie’s advice :: make a decision and don’t second guess yourself. There are so many options out there with weddings, be true to yourself and don’t look back!

Favorite sweet treat?

We both love Molly Moon’s ice cream… it is dangerously close to our apartment!

Favorite drink?

Darin :: Bourbon neat.
Bonnie :: a citrusy craft cocktail!

All-time favorite meal?

Darin :: Corn beef hash or a steak dinner.
Bonnie :: I love Thai food so pad see ew, fried rice, and spring rolls.

Favorite TV show?

Too many to list… all-time favorites for both of us are The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Messy or organized?

Organized all the way!

Any current (or ongoing) obsessions? Wedding-related or otherwise!

Well we are always obsessed with our dog, Petey! Darin is currently obsessed with his fantasy football leagues and Bonnie is currently obsessed with trying new products from Sephora. For weddings, we are obsessed with neutral colors, exposed brick, and twinkling lights.

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

Darin :: seeing Bonnie come down the aisle the first time and seeing her smiling at me.

Bonnie :: so many things. I am excited to get ready in the morning with all my best friends, doing a first look with Darin, and seeing all my wedding dreams come true!

Overall, we can’t wait for all of our favorite people to be in one room together celebrating! That is going to be a once in a lifetime feeling.

Describe your fiancé in 3 adjectives.

Darin :: Bonnie is beautiful, passionate, and thoughtful.
Bonnie :: Darin is caring, hardworking, and loyal.

What is your dream honeymoon destination?

Bora Bora! We are working on making this happen :) An over-water hut and relaxing on crystal clear water is a must!

Thanks, Bonnie and Darin for choosing Wedding Wise to help you design and plan your special day!


Julia | Seattle Wedding Planner | Wedding Wise

Photography :: Lloyd Photographers