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Olga and Derek are quite possibly the cutest and sappiest couple I have ever met. To some that might seem like a diss, but I am absolutely sure that Olga and Derek would say it's true and view it as the best compliment!

I knew I was going to love working with Olga and Derek when they brought one (of many) scrapbook to show me at our initial consultation that relayed the timeline of their relationship through photos and the many milestones they have had together along the way. The way they lit up while talking about each other, how Derek proposed and their favorite things to do together made my heart all warm and fuzzy and I was grinning like a fool. Their love is infectious! 

They chose the incredibly dreamy Robinswood House and we've been planning an intimate garden wedding for almost 18 months! I can't wait to see their classic rose gold, blush and emerald wedding come to life.

Please enjoy getting to know the adorable Olga and Derek. We are proud to have them as part of our Wedding Wise family!

-- Special thanks to Seattle wedding photographer Kirsten Marie Photography for these stunning engagement session photos. We can't wait to work with you at the wedding! -- 

Tell us a little about yourselves individually (who you are, what you like, etc.)!

Derek is Perfect. *Sigh* One of his best qualities in my mind is his patience. I have learned so much about myself from being with him and a lot of it is because of his patience and unconditional love of me and my imperfections. He's also incredibly intelligent, he's like my own personal wikipedia. I can ask him any question about the most random topic and 95% of the time he will have at least a basic understanding of it. He loves to cook, and thank goodness because I hate it. He is a total romantic and loves intimacy. He's also a handyman; whether it's a bike or a car or a computer or a kitchen sink, with the right tools he can fix it. He loves science and technology, he likes playing video games, and cycling, but most of all he loves me! 

Olga is crazy. In the sort of way that you can't help but be amazed with her luminosity. Her personality is almost as large as her dreams, and life with her could never possibly be dull. It's such a perfect compliment to my calm and rational nature. When we're home alone together she's belting out show tunes or out in a crowd she'll find the soapbox to shout all the things that we discuss pointedly together. She is the sort of person who's mere presence leads you to aspire to more for yourself and those you love. The endless compassion she shows is only matched by her love for new experiences and life in general. With Olga, I know our love will last because I have seen she will always dream of making things better. While I take aim on the goal, she provides the strength of will we need. Whether it's our politics, our situation, or our relationship together we will never stop improving.

How did you meet?

We met at a wedding! We went to the same high school and our social circles intertwined A LOT; really, by all standards of socialization, we should have known each other in our angsty teenage years. But fate knew we wouldn't have liked each other back then. I was too flighty and shallow and Derek was too emo. Instead, I was a platonic date for our mutual friend to a wedding that Derek was also attending. The night is full of juicy details, but suffice to say, by the end of it he was smitten. 

Tell us your proposal story!

I planned a trip to Ireland for Derek's birthday in 2015. He'd never traveled outside of contiguous North America and is quite attached to the Irish heritage, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to see a country I'd always had an inexplicable curiosity to explore and also infect Derek with the travel bug while doing some heritage hunting. I had also previously told Derek that if he proposes I either want it to be on a mountain or in another country. I know cliffs aren't actually mountains, but they are a dramatic landform! He proposed on the Cliffs of Moher, quoting one of my favorite lines from Pride and Prejudice. 

What’s your favorite date activity?

Cooking and then snuggling. Derek loves to cook. I don't think we've ever gone out on Valentine's day because Derek would honestly prefer to cook a grand, sumptuous meal and I honestly prefer to eat his food. But if we aren't cooking at home, living in Seattle, we like to explore restaurants we haven't tried and then walk around the city. 

What’s your style as a couple? (i.e. how would you describe yourself as a couple, what you both love, etc.)

We are insanely intimate. When we are around each other we are always holding hands, always snuggling, and giving each other little kisses. Derek is a romantic and always dreamed of finding a person he would love forever, where as I never really thought much about relationships until I met him. I have an issue with consistency so one day, early on, I told him, "Babe, I have never been consistent with anything in my life, but I think that consistently working on our relationship is going to be my greatest effort." So we do. Being in love and staying in love has become a habit. We aren't perfect, we absolutely have petty fights, but even during arguments we hold hands and try to hug it out. We are kind of pragmatically romantic, I guess. 

We both love politics, and though I tend to be a little negative we are relatively idealistic. We love love love to hike and camp, exploring mountains and country roads. We love our Kai Ken, Keira. We LOVE living in the Pacific Northwest, having moved here together from South Florida. We love having long, intellectual conversations about space and science and politics.

What is your favorite part of the planning process?

I actually love planning.... travel. I love to plan trips to different places, so I really thought I would enjoy planning a wedding. It's not that I don't like it, but I think I would be so stressed and lost without Julia's vast knowledge and expertise... and no, she didn't ask me to say that. I think what I have enjoyed is gaining more confidence in my decision making. I normally have to pass ideas by other people before I feel solid about them, but with the wedding I've had a few ideas that I wanted to see done and I knew what I wanted the feel of the wedding to be and since it's OUR day and I am making most of the decisions, I've learned to stick to my gut instinct on things... it's empowering. 

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

Our engagement will end up being just over 2 years long. After the first 6 months or so I wondered why the heck we were waiting so long, but as the first year rounded out a few things happened. The stress I might have felt about planning the wedding mostly dissipated. I spent the first year obsessively looking at realistic ideas and reading a billion articles, it was a overwhelming. Plus, I am a people pleaser so I was constantly thinking about what others would think and wasting a lot of energy on unnecessary stress. By the time the second year started and Julia and I actually got down to planning, I'd had enough of the stress and was ready to make decisions and get going. 

The other thing that happened was dealing with the idea of "forever" head on. That't not to say that we hadn't before, but after the engagement you start to realize what forever really means. You start to look at things differently, and start to ask yourself the questions you thought you knew the answers to before you got engaged. Our two year engagement has felt like how some people describe their first year of marriage. We didn't spend the whole of our engagement being overly excited about the wedding so we had time to really consider forever, together.

So my advice, newly engaged couples, is don't shy away from a longer engagement! Letting the excitement of the proposal die down a little isn't a bad thing, you'll get a clearer head which is always helpful when planning forever as well as a wedding. 

Favorite sweet treat?

Derek: Crème brûlée

Olga: Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Ben and Jerry's Liz Lemon Frozen Greek Yogurt... or if I wanna be all hipster and go local, Molly Moons. Hot chocolate in the winter

Favorite drink?

Olga: Coffee in the morning, Beer at night, Rosé all day

Derek: Vanilla Latte with Orange Zest, OR a Stone Brewery "Arrogant Bastard"

All-time favorite meal?

Derek: The one I haven't had yet.

Olga: This question is preposterous. Who can answer it? If I HAD to answer it.... Gourmet Mac n Cheese.

Favorite TV show?

Derek: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Olga: Parks and Recreation if I want to laugh, or House of Cards if I want to cry

Messy or organized?

MESSY. Organized in our dreams, but messy in reality. 

Any current (or ongoing) obsessions? Wedding-related or otherwise!

Olga: Rose Gold, Travel, the French Language, our dog, Hiking, Rose Gold, oh, and Rose Gold

Derek: Science, our dog, an excellent cup of coffee

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?

Derek: Being surrounded by everyone I love while devoting myself to the person I love

Olga: (I told you he was a romantic) As the planning has come along I have become more and more excited about having all of my best friends in one place at one time. We are planning on doing a whole weekend since there will be many people from around the country who will be joining us, so I can't wait to spend time with my girls and my guy and his guys. Also, my wedding dress. I never really wanted to have a wedding, but I always wanted to have a wedding dress. 

Describe your fiancé in 3 adjectives.

Derek is patient, intelligent, and compassionate

Olga is ambitious, empathetic, and vivacious

What is your dream honeymoon destination?

Which one? Hahaha! We've planned multiple routes for our honeymoon, but all are in Europe. One is a drive through Bavaria through Munich along the Romantic Road to Vienna, then to Prague and back to Frankfurt. Another is a winter one through the Scandinavian countries to witness the Aurora Borealis. The one we will most likely do, though, starts in Amsterdam and winds its way down to Paris for 4 days, then through Bordeaux, to Barcelona, then Madrid, and ends in Lisbon. 

What seriously sweet love birds! Olga and Derek, thanks for trusting us with planning your wedding day. I am looking forward to celebrating their one-of-a-kind love in just a few months! It's going to be a beautiful day...and will probably need it's own dedicated scrapbook. :)

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